Technical Services

As part of a major services overhaul, $5 million has been spent upgrading and enhancing the building, with upgraded building control systems and the mechanical/fire/security equipment and plant.

The new Building Controls System integrates the most modern functions and communicates with the security, lighting and fire systems.

With the integration process now fully functional, the property is considered to be a truly “intelligent” development.

Building Controls

The new Building Controls System is provided with high-level interface to the access/security system and direct control over the interior and exterior lighting.

After hour’s access and air conditioning operation is via a card reader system.

All aspects of the air conditioning and ventilation operation are continuously monitored at the Building Manager’s office with alarm functions to allow prompt attention to any breakdowns.

Temperature settings and operation times are all configurable via the Building Control System at the Building Manager’s office.


Tenants are supplied with Air Keys which allow for secure access to the estate. The Air Key credential devices are key ring, coded radio frequency transmitters. They have a unique identification and are fully programmable to allow for detailed access control at car park entries, estate external gates, building sliding door entries and lift controls, and can also be programmed to control after hours airconditioning services.

Close Circuit television provides surveillance of the internal roads and each site entry point and the ground floor entry lobbies of both commercial towers.

After hours the site is secured by electrically operated gates at the Wetherill Street South entry.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is provided to each level by a combination of two (2) water-cooled package units in an east - west arrangement.

The system utilises a VRF Skin System in conjunction with high efficiency roof mounted chillers, variable air supply and system of perimitter and centre zones to allow a high degree of control for a comfortable work environment.


Outside air ventilation is provided to each air conditioning plant room and is distributed via the air conditioning system.

Supplementary Condenser Water Loop

A supplementary condenser water loop is installed to allow tenants to install supplementary air conditioning systems, such as computer rooms and high-density meeting rooms.

This supplementary condenser water loop is provided with an independent cooling tower and a pair of automatic changeover duty/standby pumps to increase system reliability.